I Have A Dream…

2014 is but a memory now, but…

I have a Dream…

That in 2015, I will impact the lives of people all around the world and help them let go of the PAST so they can grab hold of the incredible future 2015 has opened up for them.

I have a Dream…

of speaking before audiences comprised of people who are ready to take action and move forward as never before in life! People who need a Drill Sergeant who will lead them to victory on the Battlefield of Life!

I have a Dream…

That, instead of my sisters crying themselves to sleep at night from the pressure of perceived failures and mistakes, they will instead laugh themselves to sleep because they made it one more day!

I have a Dream…

That my brother and sister veterans will take their rightful stance in today’s business world and utilize the skills of operation and leadership they learned while serving this great country.

I have a Dream…

What is your dream today? What did you picture 2015 being that 2014 was not? You can have your dream for 2015!

When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., first gave this speech in August of 1963, I never imagined I would have a dream that sometimes seems so lofty as to be unreal. But, just as Dr. King’s Dream is being realized each and every day on this earth, so can your dream…

… of success,

… impacting the lives of others,

… of not only surviving, but thriving in life!

Be realized.

What is your Dream for 2015? Will you allow The Drill Sergeant of Life to help you realize your Dream?

Don’t let your Dreams die with the passing of another year.

You can have what you want. It’s going to take work, yes, but, it will be worth it!

Say it! 

Believe it! 

Live it!

The Drill Sergeant of Life is here for you!

God Is Faithful!

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

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