Be kind to YOU

Forgive Yourself! Learn from the PAST and how unforgiving others have been toward you! Part IV

Repeat the following phrase as many times as needed throughout the day until you believe it with all your heart: I Am NOT My P.A.S.T.!

Have you come to a place in your life in which you actually dislike yourself?

Do you blame yourself for things that occurred in your P.A.S.T. that you feel could have been prevented had you not (fill in the blank)? Do you find it difficult or challenging to forgive yourself?

Stop it!

Let yourself go!!!

Forgive Yourself!

The majority of the things that occurred in your life when you were younger were not your fault. In most cases, you were not a willing participant! As a matter of fact, you were probably too young to even know what was really going on at the time.

We can’t always explain the things that happen in our lives when we are younger. There are some things that were never meant to happen. There are people, just like you and me, who do things just because they can.

So, forgive YOURSELF!

Do this:

1. Sit down and write a letter to the younger you. In the letter, praise the younger you for making it through all the strife, turmoil, and negativity! For those of you who committed crimes against yourself as you got older, forgive that younger version of yourself.

2. Pour out your heart to the younger you. Let that version of yourself feel your remorse, your angst, even your anger and despair! He or she needs to know that you felt those things. Even more, he or she needs to know that’s it’s OK to shut the door on those things.

3. Release yourself from those things you perceive you were in control of! Determine in your heart and mind today that this is it: A New Day in your life!



Inhale deeply

Exhale completely!

Say with conviction:


I was Fill in the Blank             as a child! But, I survived Fill in as many blanks as you need___________ and am emotionally whole.

I was abandoned by my __________________________. I survived rejection and am accepted.

I was abused. I survived abuse and am now loved.

Create your own affirmation with conviction and believe in your heart that you are set free. Forgive Yourself and walk in freedom!

If this post resonates with you, if the series has been helpful so far, please send me your comments. I look forward to your comments as they show me which way I need to go with these teachings.

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Be abundantly blessed! God is faithful!

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

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