Several years ago while writing my second book of the Get Over Yourself series, How To Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the P.A.S.T., I learned an interesting thing. In addition to forgiving those who had perpetrated infractions against me, I had to forgive myself! Yes! I had to forgive myself.

You see, many times when we are going through life, we do stupid stuff: stupid stuff that can cause us to hop down one bunny trail after the other as we get further and further away from our purpose and destiny. Let’s be honest here: many times while we are hopping on the bunny trails of life, we cause ourselves to not be all we were called and created to be, to not do all we were called and created to do, and to definitely not have all we were called and created to have in life.

And then, we have the tendency to blame everything on someone else. That is so not right! But, when we do this, and we go back and forgive others who we feel have hurt us, we must also go back and forgive ourselves for the dumb things we have done that have kept us from becoming who we were supposed to become in life. We must give ourselves permission to move forward in life. When we do this, the burdens of guilt, doubt, anger and fear lifts off our shoulders and allow us to move freely in the direction we are supposed to move in. It frees us to pursue those things we thought had eluded us because of our dumb mistakes.

And it’s not too late! If you are still breathing, there is still time for you to become who you were supposed to become. Just forgive yourself and move forward so you can be all you care to be in the Armed Forces of Life! Be abundantly blessed! Beatrice

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