Is inside of yourself! Oftentimes, though, you have to go higher than yourself.

Many times we go to others, asking advice for the challenges we face in life. Many times, those same folks are going through struggles they don’t have the answers for. Personally, I pray a lot because I know Someone Who has the answers, even when I think I have the answers.

Part of the process of growing up and going out to do what we know we were created to do is to know the Source of everything we need. If we don’t know that Source, we will remain lost until we can come to the conclusion that the Source is what we need to tap into to find the power to move forward. My Source is Almighty God.

Can you plug an electrical device into a tree and receive the power you need to make it work? Can you charge your cellphone with a banana peel and it work for you all day? Neither can you always find the power you need within yourself.

Every day offers a new opportunity to go higher, dig deeper, spread wider than ever before. In order to make it to the level of excellence we have been created for, we sometimes have to do those things listed above so we will continue to strive for even greater than what we thought we could accomplish.

Be abundantly blessed! The Drill Sergeant

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