Learn from The PAST

Would you like to experience more freedom in your life?

Freedom to be Productive?

Freedom to Prosper?

Freedom to Love (again)?

Freedom to Grow?

Freedom to __(Fill in the blank)______________________?

Believe it or not, Forgiveness = Freedom!

When you learn from the PAST and forgive, these 5 events will occur in your life as you free your heart

  1. Love – You give yourself permission to love again. You see, unforgiveness hardens your heart and keeps you from sharing the most important gift of all: LOVE!
  2. Grow – When you forgive, you begin to stretch and grow in ways you haven’t been able to stretch and grow in for quite some time. You take the limits off yourself and grow in the areas that need it the most!
  3. Prosperity – Have you noticed that as long as your heart is full of unforgiveness, you tend to not prosper when you know you should be prospering? When you forgive, your heart and your mind is able to think prosperous thoughts because you are now ready to receive the prosperity you were created to have in your life.
  4. Produce – Do you want your productivity to increase? Forgive! Forgiveness opens up the dam of productivity that has been locked because the walls of anger, disappointment, and unforgiveness. Let it all go and watch how productive you become!
  5. Do whatever you want to do! There are no limits in your life now because you have learned from the PAST and are using what you learned to your greatest advantage!

Over this past weekend here in the USA, we celebrated the 4th of July, symbolic of the freedoms we are afforded. Independence!

Are you independent from the bondage of your PAST? Have you given yourself permission to Learn From The PAST so you can enjoy the incredible freedom available to you!

Proclaim your freedom?

Don’t be bound by the PAST. Learn from the PAST!

Are you ready to experience freedom as never before?

The Drill Sergeant of Life wants to help you experience Freedom by Learning from the PAST as never before so YOU can be ALL YOU can be in the Armed Forces of Life! Once you learn from the PAST and begin experiencing the freedom available to you, everything you want out of life will begin to take off like crazy!

Today’s blog officially ends our six part series on Learning From The PAST. Beginning in our next post, we will concentrate more on your freedom so you can get to where you desire to be in life.

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Independence Day does not have to be just one day in your life! Every day, declare your independence from your PAST so you can move forward into the incredible future God has prepared for you! Please send me your comments so I can help you be/become ALL YOU care to be in the Army of Life!

To read Part V of the series, go here: http://drillsergeantoflife.com/learnfromyourpastpartv/

Until next time…

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

embrace your future

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