finally let go

Letting Go is not about completely forgetting you ever went through anything. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. Letting Go is remembering those things from the experience that you can learn from and use for your good in your future. I love acronyms. Let’s make an acronym for L.E.T. G.O., shall we? Is that OK? Let’s go.

Learn from your P.A.S.T.
Embrace your P.A.S.T. in a good way
Take your power back
Get help
Operate in the Fruit of the Spirit

Each week, you will receive tips, strategies, and an explanation of each of the letters of the acronym. As you move forward, concentrating on each letter, you will find that you are better equipped to let go of those things that are hindering you and move forward to what God has prepared for you.

Join The Drill Sergeant of Life on this journey of letting go of the P.A.S.T. If our blog resonates with you and gives you the strength to move forward, subscribe now so you can begin to use the resources provided here.

Until next time…

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

8 thoughts on “Letting Go: What It Is and What It Is NOT!

  1. Sherrie

    Great job mama!

    Just when we think it’s time to move forward in our called purpose, we get plowed by one more thing we need to deal with and get rid of. I just love how Yaweh works, don’t you?

    Its all about the soul right now. Like what your talking about, will come from the past that has been recessed deep within our souls.

    We have two parts to our souls: the divine and the animalistic nature. Now is the time we are being “circumcised”. That is we have crossed over the Jordan, but then comes the removal of the wilderness. In the wilderness season came much breaking which brought alot of wounded flesh. It’s the root of the wounds that are being removed that is in our souls.

    I’ve watch you and talked with you for years now, and you have been a trooper and gave much encouragement to me and others while going through your wilderness. I am so grateful for you and can’t wait to hear more from you regarding how to allow this flesh to be roomed from our past.

    I love you Mama B!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Hey, Baby Girl! Thanks so much for commenting. What we fail to realize is that there are soul ties we maintain in our lives when we don’t let go of the P.A.S.T. And, yes, it is hard/difficult/challenging. However, if we really want to be healed from the hurt and pain from before, we must let things go. As you saw from the acronym, we must L.E.T. G.O. God is faithful!

  2. Tammy

    Thank you for this. i’ve been asking the Lord lately for revelation into what it means to let go and how to do it. This helps. Thank you!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Tammy, thanks so much for commenting. Stay tuned. This is an area that God is really dealing with now because His people need to be able to move forward in what He is calling them to do! God is faithful! The Drill Sergeant

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Thank you, Coach! I appreciate you!

  3. Chrissie

    Love it! It’s definitely what God has been challenging me on…letting go! Not just physically but with my heart as well!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Hi, Chrissie and thanks for the comment. Trust me when I say, WE are all challenged with this! Thanks again! God bless! Beatrice

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