Gandhi on forgiveness

Are you letting go of the past but have discovered that it wants to return?

You receive a phone call, a text, an email. You look at the number or the address. You vaguely recognize it. Thinking it is harmless, you open it.

It’s from… Him! Her! Them! Your PAST has returned!

You read quickly through the message, wanting to get through it as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be tainted by the message from your PAST.

After all, you have been letting go of the past, haven’t you? You’re doing all the right things, aren’t you?

The message itself, seems harmless enough. But, you feel funny inside.

“Is she for real!”

“He’s got to be joking! Take him back!”

“Come back?”

You debate on whether to answer by return email or text.

And then, it sinks in: I thought I was over this person? I thought I had dealt with all these emotions: anger, hurt, disappointment. I thought I was letting go of the past?

Your emotions run the gamut, as though you had never dealt with this incident from your PAST before!

Believe it or not, even though you are actively letting go of the past, you have to heal from the PAST hurts, disappointments, and situations you have experienced.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to say, “I forgive you/it/her/him/them/myself…” You actually have to allow yourself to heal: your heart, your mind, everything.

Have you healed? Do you still experience the dregs of your PAST experiences? Here are three things to help you succeed in finally letting go of the PAST.

  1. Deal with the fact that you haven’t moved on from your PAST! Give yourself time to heal. If you have to remove yourself from some people or situations in the process of letting go of the past, do just that! You will benefit from that action alone!
  2. Encourage yourself! Don’t put yourself down!  Know that you are still going through and growing through life situations and circumstances.
  3. Make peace with your past so you will be able to move forward as never before. This is all part of the process of letting go of the past.

make peace with past


As you move forward in letting go of the past, you will discover that the act becomes easier. No, I didn’t say it would be effortless! I said easier. 

Don’t let the process get you down! 

Maintain your integrity and diligence in letting go of the past and, sooner than you think, the past will let go of you!

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Until next time…

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

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