Holding on to the past

The Process of Letting Go of Your PAST…

Don’t you wish life were just ABC and 123? Wouldn’t it be so simple if you had a plan for letting go of your past so you could grab hold of your awesome future?

Believe it or not, there is! And here is the process…

  1. Step one
  2. Prepare your heart and mind to let go.

  3. Step two
  4. Prepare your life to let go.

  5. Step three
  6. Choose to experience the newness that letting go will bring.

  7. Step four
  8. Gain a different perspective because you are letting go.

  9. Step five
  10. Enjoy the new journey that life offers because you are letting go.

Everything is a process! In order for you to enjoy scrambled eggs for breakfast, you must follow a process.

scrambled eggs

You can’t just place two eggs in a skillet and turn the stove on and expect scrambled eggs! First of all, you must crack open the eggs! If you just place two whole eggs in the skillet and turn on the heat, all you are going to enjoy is cleaning up a mess!

And that’s what your life will become if you don’t follow a distinct, specific process of letting go of your PAST. Each step has to be taken seriously and on purpose so you can reach your goal.

Although the above steps may seem simplistic, and it may seem as though you can skip step three and move forward to step four, don’t do it! Each step is designed for you to process and progress so you may achieve the optimal results of letting go of your PAST.

The desire of The Drill Sergeant of Life is that you walk in personal Power, Productivity, and Prosperity. Our posts about the Process of Letting Go of Your PAST will enable you to move forward in your quest as never before. If you are finding benefit from our posts, please feel free to pass them along to someone who may not be at the level of letting go of the PAST that you are!

Stay tuned! The BEST is yet to come! God is faithful!

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

6 thoughts on “Letting Go of Your PAST: The Process…

  1. Bernard

    Great article BEatrice. As I was reading I was reminded of Israel. God lead them through he wilderness so that they could let go of their past. They had to travel on the path to get to the place. That’s what I received from your article today.
    I wanted eggs for breakfast but I stuck with cereal. The picture of the eggs almost made me regret my decision.

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Thank you, Bernard! And tomorrow morning, scrambled eggs for you!

  2. Sherrie

    When we were redeemed, we were only redeemed for the eternal. We were not redeemed from our nature and habits! That is why the children of Jacob could not get Egypt out of their hearts. Even those who were allowed to enter into the Promised Land had the ability to remember all that took place in the wilderness. But, they still had the seed in their souls from their bloodline: the nature of darkness, so to speak. That is why it became so easy for Israel, “the people”, to keep falling away. Just this morning, I was whining at God about having to wait for something, something for which I have been waiting for a while. He took me back to when I was in my teens and would sit on the window-seat in my moms room waiting for my boyfriend who would never show up. This was a regular thing! Today, at the tender age of 45, 46 next month, God said: “That’s enough! Deal with this and find a way to do something that will cause this familiar spirit to leave.”

    So, we are all continually walking out our salvation daily. And, we will get there, with the help of God’s great writers like my Mama Bea! You are awesome! I would like some advise on this one if anyone can relate. I have to stop waiting on people!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Praise the Lord and God bless you, my daughter in the Lord! May God continue to give you revelation! One thing we must remember: Isaiah 40:31 says, They that wait upon THE LORD… Oftentimes, we get in trouble because we are waiting on people: the pastor, our parents, our loved ones, etc. But, when we wait upon the Lord, then, and only then, is He able to renew our strength. Our mandate is to wait upon Him alone. God is faithful! More to come!

  3. Ruth

    What an awesome article! I truly enjoyed it! When reading the five points you gave for letting go of the past, it led me to examine my own heart and mind. I am also in agreement with Bernard about the children of Israel: they went through the wilderness, spending so much of their time thinking about the past until it jeopardized their own future and the promises God had in store for them. God wanted them to have a relationship with Him. Instead, all they could think of was the past! So, those who couldn’t let go of the past did not enter into the promise land but their next generation did. So, Beatrice, you see how important this article is. It is crucial that we let go of the past so we will not miss our future, the one God has in store for us. Thank you, Drill Sergeant of Life, for reminding us to stick with the process and don’t skips steps. By the way those eggs look delicious! Be encouraged!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Praise the Lord! God bless you and thank you for your comments, Apostle Ruth! We are all going through a wilderness of sorts. We have to seek the face of the Lord to discover those things He requires that we let go and then let go and let God! God is faithful! Beatrice

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