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To Forgive or Not to Forgive – That IS the Question! Part 5

Learn From The PAST! What does that really mean to you? Can you take the key points of pain and use them to propel you forward as never before?

How much do you want to hurt in life?

Now, that may seem like such an inane question to some. However, the thought that needs to be considered here is: the more we carry around those things from the past that hurt us the most, the more we will hurt. It is essential that we learn from the past.


Forgive others!

Forgive God!

Forgive Yourself!

Learn from the past and forgive! Watch the amazing things that will begin to happen in your life:

  1. Your heart stops hurting. You will experience an immediate release of the burden you have been carrying in your heart in a negative way.
  2. You can concentrate on the more important things in life. Nothing is more important in life than to live and love abundantly in the way Jesus provided for us.
  3. You learn new things about yourself you never knew: your capacity to create in ways you never imagined.
  4. You can accept the imperfections of yourself and turn those imperfections into triumphs as you go through and grow through life’s challenges.
  5. You can rest easy as you learn from the past that could or should have destroyed you. Instead it created a better you!

You see, when you forgive, it’s not about others: it’s about you!

Forgive, learn from the past, and take a chance today!

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Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

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