past will let go of you

How does your PAST affect everything you do?

Do you need to be in charge?

Did you ever stop to think that the reason you operate like this is because someone or something in your PAST took your power?

Think about it. In your PAST, when you were abused, you lost some of your personal power.

Neglected or rejected? You lost some more of your personal power.

When you seemingly failed at something that was important to you, it was difficult to bounce back because you couldn’t regain that place of power in your life.

Oftentimes, when dealing with your PAST issues, you will find that your power has been zapped. Now, this may or may not necessarily be because you have given this power away. No, instead, it is because you believed you were powerless in the face of the opposition.

Nothing could be further from the truth!!

As a child in your PAST abusive situations, you were probably not able to say, “No!”

As a matter of fact, during the incident(s), you were probably made to believe, “You can’t do anything about the abuse and must accept it.”

But, we don’t stay children always!

Unfortunately, as we grow older, those same mindsets tend to follow. Now that we are older, we have the power to say, “No!”

But, because we don’t realize the same mindset follows us, we don’t access that power.

Today, give yourself permission to overcome your PAST. Give yourself permission to leave your past behind and embrace the awesome future God has prepared for you. Do these three things:

1. Get a clear assessment of your PAST and how it has affected you going forward.
2. Start cleaning out the archives of your life. I can show you how.
3. Prepare to move forward into the incredible future in front of you!!

Over the next several weeks, we are going to delve into the File Cabinet of Life© and start cleaning things out. Believe it or not, there are many things in there that should be discarded. Your paradigm will shift and you will find a clear pathway to power, productivity, and prosperity as you heal from your PAST and those things that have hindered you for so long.

The Drill Sergeant of Life truly wants to see you rise up out of the ashes of your PAST and receive ALL God has created for you! This is what personal freedom is all about!

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Until next time!

God is faithful!

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life

Breathe and Let Go

8 thoughts on “Your PAST and How It Affects Everything You Do…

  1. Mary

    Great advice Drill Sergent! I really like the visual “Start cleaning out the archives of your life” that really make me think. Thank you!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Thanks, Mary! I don’t think we realize how much “stuff” we hold on to and that becomes a part of us! The best is yet to come!

      1. Norma Guevarra

        Thanks Beatrice,God once told me that until I let go of the past, I couldnt go on to the promise and blessings he had for me.I didn’t even realize what I was holding on to. What happen to me is that the my past had become my habit. Once i learned to let go, the women He created came alive.

        1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

          Praise the Lord and God bless you, Sister Norma! May God continue to give you revelation and He uses you for His purposes. God is faithful!

  2. Sherrie

    Hi, Mama!

    The past… Hmmmmm, where do I begin? Days before you posted this, I had been talking to Polly, the Director of Publcations of Christ for the Nations. She reminded me about something in my past that is still connected to me, still accessing my life and stealing my finances and everything else. You have walked with me for a long time now and seen it. We have even discussed it several times. As I was finishing up my second book and completing the last section, I laid out some of the Influences, such as Leviathan. I was writing about the difference between the Leviathan and the Python Influence and realized I was reading my life! It was the Python! Let me explain.

    In 2008, God gave me a dream in which my mother had a pet python. She was petting and feeding it. God reminded me about this dream when I came to this part of my book. It was all the lies my mother, whom I have forgiven and love more than anything, had told to keep my children away from me and more. I won’t tell you all that she said. But, she always said I would “amount” to nothing, for one thing. Another thing she said was I was “always lying or stealing.” That explains how I was always robbed of my finances and falsely accused all the time.

    Every time I would come close to touching my vision in the natural, it would be stolen from me! Not any more my friend! It is on! I went to war which didn’t last long because of who I am!

    Hmmmmmm…I wonder how the devil likes me now!

    1. Beatrice Bruno Post author

      Amen, Sherrie! May God continue to give you revelation as you move forward in Him! God is faithful to do it! Love you!

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