Like it or not, YOU are currently a Soldier in the Armed Forces of Life!

But isn’t it time for you to become the Commander?


Look around you…The world is a battlefield! Every day, you face skirmishes and conflicts that make you either want to…

  1. Throw your hands up in total surrender…



2. Put on your War Paint and go for it!


Believe it or not, YOU are equipped with all the tools you need against your enemies: foreign (those outside of you) and domestic (those within). It’s time to put on your War Paint, Baby, and Move Out!!!

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, aka The Get Over It Gal! is here to help you become the Commander YOU were created to be!

What is a Commander? A person in authority. Someone who stands strong in the face of opposition.

Wherever you are on your spiritual or emotional path, The Drill Sergeant of Life is here to help you discover the “Soldier” in you and give you the training you need to become the Commander as you take charge of life situations and circumstances.

The Drill Sergeant of Life is here to put you back on the right track to fulfilling the purpose you were created for.

Here you will find a supportive, non-enabling community with a multitude of wisdom,and a wealth of opportunities for personal growth.

We aspire to strengthen your confidence and joy in being the “YOU” that God, your Creator, created you to be. We are here to give you that good, swift kick in the seat of the pants to cause you to move forward to your true purpose.