Writer, Thou Art Loosed!

Write Camp Intensive 3-Day Conference

The first thing that will happen before we even sit down for this live conference: you will receive a pre-class writing assignment. In this assignment, you will be asked questions that will cause you to think about what it is you really want this particular project to be about.

I ask you to go deep. During this 3-day conference, you will work on that project specifically.

While you work on the pre-class assignment, think on these things:

  • What is the message you really want to convey?
  • How much of your life do you desire to share?
  • Is this book the first in a series of books on this topic?
  • What do you want your reader to have received from your book by the time they get to the last chapter?

45-Day WriteCamp Intensive (On-line)

You will also complete the pre-class writing assignment before we begin this Intensive.

In this format, I will work closely with you for 8 weeks to get your 1st complete book draft completed. you will work on your book by week so that you can get it completed.

Trust me! You can do it. I use the same method for my books, and I have written books in as little as 30 days!!!