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Have you ever wondered where you were…before you were?

What do you think was going on during the creation process of you?

The Bible says that God created the Heavens and Earth and all that is in both. He created the sun, the moon, the stars and all the constellations. He created animals — elephants, whales, horses, dogs, birds.

And then, He created man(kind) in His likeness and image. That's you and me. In His likeness and His image. So, then, the reflection you see in the mirror is a direct reflection of…Hmmm.

What does this mean? How did God really create…You?

Come behind the seens and see how God created Beverley, Emmaline, Margarette Ann, and Joyce, four female preborns who eventually meet in the US Army. Follow their triumphs and tragedies as they discover they will be forced to leave Heaven to go on assignment and live an earth existence that may, or may not, allow them to live with God for eternity.

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Meet the Characters…and what Characters they are!

Beverley Scott

First of all, let's get one thing straight. Beverley does not want to leave Heaven to come to Earth for her assignment. There was just something about the assignment that left her wanting to remain in Heaven with her beloved Abba.

When Beverley discovered her assignment was to a Negro couple who wasn't even married, at least not to each other, she was heartbroken. After all, the Son, Jesus, had called such a life "adulterous." She didn't want any part of that. And she made sure she got an appointment so she could tell Almighty God about her desires.

And to make it even worse, the Negro family was poor. Really?

Beverley wanted to make sure she was being assigned to the correct family for whatever her assignment would entail. When she finally appeared before Almighty God, and He showed her who she would become during her earth assignment, she marveled that God would give her such an assignment.

Beverley discovered she was going to be a beautiful little girl, a soldier in the Army, a singer, and a preacher. She also discovered she would go through very dark times.

Joyce Jones

Joyce is a piece of work!!!

Very inquisitive, Joyce is not concerned with leaving Heaven for an Earth assignment as much as she is concerned with adventure. Joyce is the most adventurous of the four main characters. She really digs the idea that she will be able to wear clothes, walk, talk, and run as she accomplishes her assignment on the earth.

There is only one problem, though. In the birth canal, as part of her last teachings from Heaven, she discovers she will not be able to talk or communicate until she reaches a certain Earth age! Let me share a little of her conversation with Earth Angel Almara…

"For the first six months of your life," Almara interjected, "your only sustenance or food will consist of breast milk from your mother and soft foods that can be easily digested. You will not have teeth and will not be able to feed or do anything for yourself during this time," the angel explained to the twins. (Joyce is part of a matched set!) "Also, by the age of six months, you will learn to sit up by yourself and maybe crawl…"

The reality of what was being said hit Joyce like a spiritual sledgehammer!

"No teeth! Can't feed myself? Can't walk or sit up by myself!" Joyce gasped. "What about my adventures? I won't be able to do anything during this time? Except be a baby!" she realized with horror.

"Adam and Eve didn't go through this! So why should we? It's not fair," she mind-sputtered as her new heart sank from the disappointment of being a, a…baby. Excerpt from Chapter Eleven.

So, you can fully understand why not everyone is as excited about coming to their Earth assignment when they discover the real deal. Had you known what your Earth assignment would entail, would you have wanted to come here? Just asking…

Margarette Ann Wells

Margarette Ann is a true piece of work. I see a little of her in me as I think about my brief sojourn here on the earth. Please allow me to share an excerpt from the book…


"Abba, don't you think I would make a good warrior angel instead of a human? Besides, I love others but I don't like them! I don't like being around anyone but You, Jesus, and Your Holy Spirit," Margarette Ann explained to her Creator.

The Voice of the Ages boomed in laughter. "And that, My beloved one, is why I have chosen to send you on the assignment I have planned just for you. You see, spirit child, I don't like the humans I have placed on the Earth, either. They are never satisfied and always want more of what they already have. They don't want to listen to Me, yet they want Me to do things for them, "Almighty God explained. "But like you, I do love them. I am sending you as a dose of reality. When you come into the knowledge of My Truth as a human, you will be a very strong preacher, much like Evangelist Philip, and spread about the truth of My Word. I am sending you not to like people, but to love them," Abba concluded with a thunderous laugh.

Margarette Ann brightened as she understood her assignment.

"I'll try, Father," she promised. "But I'm telling You right now…I am not going to like it," the pre-born spirit said boldly yet reverently.


And there you have Margarette Ann. She is a feisty one, isn't she? Well, I hope you enjoy today's installment. Please feel free to share with your friends and family. Like I said, you can find some of Margarette Ann in someone you know right now…can't you?

Meet Emmaline Johnson - one of the main characters in The Baby Chronicles

Emmaline Johnson

Emmaline had seen the family and the place she would live. None of it looked good to her. Neither was she sure she could fulfill the Father's mission for her as a soldier, a preacher, and an administrator, whatever those things were. She didn't want to go. Maybe she could talk with someone about it… Excerpt from Chapter Six