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Beatrice  Bruno

The Write Drill Sergeant for YOU!

You have a book inside of you. Why is that book still inside of you and not in a written form so others can read it? Let me guess...

  • You don't know where to begin?
  • You are not a good writer?
  • You don't believe in yourself and what is inside of you?

There are many different reasons why some folks will go to the grave with their books and articles still inside of them. And that is a travesty. God has given something to you that some other folks are waiting to read. And now is the time for you to get 'er done!

What is The Write Drill Sergeant?

Beatrice Bruno, The Drill Sergeant of Life, author - Ghost/Intercessor Writer - Editor - Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, learned quite early in life that writing was one of the many gifts and talents she had received in her lifetime that could be used, not just for herself, but for the benefit of others who needed to tell their stories. She discovered that, although their hearts were in the right place, many precious folks did not have what was needed to get their books or articles written. That's where Beatrice comes into play.

The Write Drill Sergeant was born.

Beatrice served as a Drill Sergeant in the US Army. During that time, she learned that she had a talent for motivating her basic training soldiers to be the best soldiers they could be in the US Army. Many of those soldiers went on to the war zones of the world before becoming husbands, wives, fathers, and mothers to the next generations. The same attitude Beatrice used as a Drill Sergeant for these soldiers, she now uses with Writing Soldiers on the Battlefield of Life and in the Army of the Lord.

How The Write Drill Sergeant can help you

Now is the time for you to get that writing project done. Beatrice is here to motivate you so that you can reach your writing objective and put out a quality product for your eventual readers. Here are some of her services. Contact her for a free quote.


Intercessory Writer Editing Book Proposal
Newsletters Agent Letters Book Review
Speech Writing Radio Commercials Magazine Articles
Obituaries Greeting Cards Book Consult
Grant Proposal Writing Classes Plus...


Testimonials for The Write Drill Sergeant...

Ghost or Intercessory Writing Clients...


I am so grateful that Beatrice Bruno worked on my book, Two Against One: Battling Cancer and Addiction at the Same Time, as my Ghost/Intercessory Writer. Ms. Beatrice brought my book to life. And in the process of bringing everything together I had supplied to her, as she elaborated and enhanced the content, I was able to address some deep issues that had been lying dormant on the inside of me for years. Through the book she wrote for me, I felt as though I was getting therapy and healing as I conferred and spoke with Ms. Beatrice during consultation through the process. Throughout the process, Ms. Beatrice showed accuracy, love, compassion, and professionalism as she told my story in a way I could not.

At the end of the project, Ms. Beatrice also edited the book to ensure that it was exactly what I wanted presented and had few if any errors. Ms. Beatrice is a true writing professional that I would definitely work with again.

Although I have never met Ms. Beatrice in person, when I say I love her, I mean exactly that. As my Ghost/Intercessory Writer, through her and the scriptures she put in place to make my story real, relevant, and worth reading, I received a cleansing and healing from the book she created for my story. She heard my voice, employed it, and gave me exactly what I needed in some ways I didn’t know I needed it.

Thank you, Ms. Beatrice, for allowing the Lord to use you to tell my story so He can use me to help someone be saved, healed, delivered and set free.

Deana Howse

Author, Two Against One: Battling Cancer and Addiction at the Same Time


Book Consultant


I recommend Beatrice Bruno! I hired her as my Book Consultant and was extremely pleased with her service. One of the best investments I have ever made! Beatrice’s professionalism and customer service skills were simply amazing. She also provided book writing coaching that gave me the confidence to believe in my project. I will certainly use her services again.  

Kevin L. Garner, Sr,

Author of bestseller, Manifesting Your Day-To-Day Expectancy






I’m so thankful for the gift and true talent Ms. Beatrice has to help others produce quality work.
In 2021, I transitioned my first manuscript over into the qualified hands of my future editor, Ms. Beatrice Bruno. Being very green to this process, it was nerve-wracking to say the least. However, Ms. Beatrice made a difficult and sensitive process comfortable and pleasant by building trust, confidence, and demonstrating a sincere desire to help me create the best quality product for me; and most importantly, God! I could not have completed my project without the assistance of Ms. Beatrice.
If you need an anointed editor that operates with wisdom and professionalism to help you with your upcoming book, please do not hesitate to call on MS. B!


Evangelist Linnea Hutt
Author, Consider Yourself


Beatrice is an affordable and efficient editor who will not only work on your project efficiently, but with a passion and outstanding work ethic. As a great communicator, she will review your work through a different lens and work with you to make your manuscript the most impacting it can be. Beatrice not only strives to make her services match your vision, she also formulates a personal relationship with you. She has your back as you navigate the publishing world.

Beatrice Bruno is my choice for my editing needs.

Brooklyn Maelee

Author, The Circle King


As a first-time author who was so excited about becoming a published author, I never imagined it could become my new reality. It was a dream.

Working with Beatrice Bruno was an amazing experience. I was overwhelmed with the support and guidance I received working with her. She helped me see the vision I was creating in my mind, and helped me put it on paper. She carefully worked on my book and gave me an honest perspective of my work.  I cannot put into words how her professionalism, care, and constant encouragement inspired me daily. I am excited to work with her again on my next book.  

I would say to anyone looking for an editor: Beatrice Bruno is the person to seek. She will guide you and protect your work and your mission towards becoming a published author.

Thank you,
Michelle McGee
Author "Achieving Abundance - Finding Me After The Storm


Beatrice is passionate about writing; she is passionate about your writing project. She will stick with you and help you to be all you can be in the writing arena so that you can get your project out there and folks that need it can get to it.


Contact Beatrice today to get your project started and done! Don't go another moment without fulfilling your desire to be the Writer you were called and created to be!