Chronicles of Grief

Chronicles of Grief
Chronicles of Grief
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Grief is a journey: a marathon, if you will. When a person enters a grief phase in life, whether caused by the death of a loved one, the loss of a friendship or job, moving from what is familiar, the person's life takes on a different perspective. This perspective may not necessarily be what the person desires to have at that point of their lives. But God...

Author Beatrice Bruno did not realize until the death of her beloved husband, John, that she had been suffering through and from grief for 40+ years since the death of her beloved grandfather, Freeman Stalworth. Once Beatrice acknowledged that grief was real and something that could not be controlled but instead had to be seen in AWE, the entire subject of grief changed her perspective. Now, Beatrice is ready to reveal some steps that may help you and your loved ones as they travel the grief path and allow God to bring them, and you, to the other side.

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